Mandy Salvatore is the lead character in Little Miss Salvatore. Mandy is the long lost daughter of Stefan Salvatore.

Mandy is part of the Salvatore Family through her father, the Tulle Family through her mother, the Baker Family through surrogate and the Bennett Family through foster care.



Physical Appearance


Strengths and Weaknesses

She has all the strengths and weaknesses of a vampire and some in addition.


  • Vervain can't hurt her, because she is used to it
  • Wood can't kill her, no matter how deep the wound is or where she was hit




Marisol Baker (surrogate mother)

Mandy never really knew her mother, being raised by Emily Bennett. Later she figures out that Marisol did give birth to her, but that her biological mother is actually Valerie Tulle, who transferred Mandy into Marisol's body to save her life.

Stefan Salvatore (father)

Valerie Tulle (biological mother)

Damon Salvatore (paternal uncle

Tinsley Salvatore (daughter

Masie Lockwood (like a daughter)


Kol Mikaelson (ex-boyfriend)

Jeremy Gilbert (crush

Tyler Lockwood (ex-boyfriend)

Mandy and Tyler only dated briefly, but he trusted her enough to ask her to keep an eye on his daughter and be there for when she triggers her curse


Andrea Smith (former best friend)

Mandy and her have been best friends in 1966. Today her family is completely gone.

Elena Gilbert 

Matt Donovan 

Landry Danson (best friend)


Serena diMarco


  • She is a good painter/drawer
  • She wants to go to high school until she has all straight A's
  • She is the owner of a Lapis Lazuli
  • She pretends to be Stefan and Damon's sister in school
  • She was turned by a spell and not by blood
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